In my approach to documenting weddings, I am committed to weaving a tapestry that authentically portrays the unscripted narrative of your special day. In the modern era, weddings have transcended the confines of tradition and formality, and so too has the art of wedding photography. You might find yourself saying, "Dan, can you be our silent observer, capturing the natural ebb and flow of our day?" To that, I wholeheartedly say, "Yes."

The wedding dress, the carefully selected shoes, the exquisite flowers, the stylish cars, and the enchanting venue – all these elements hold a pivotal place in the symphony of your wedding. Yet, with the passage of time, their prominence tends to fade like a distant melody. However, through the medium of photography, these elements are immortalized, destined to remain vivid, eternally resonating within your cherished memories.

It's the moments we craft together that truly matter. These moments, encapsulated through the lens, are the priceless treasures that appreciate in significance as the years gracefully unfurl. They become the chapters of your unique story, forever marked with the brushstrokes of genuine emotion and candid beauty. So, if you wish for your wedding day to be an unfiltered, honest narrative that reveals the heart of your love story, I'm here to preserve those timeless memories for you.

Our Goal

To tell the honest and unscripted story of your day

"Our Goal is to create timeless, unforgettable images that show your individuality, spirit and energy. We want that window back to your extraordinary day to be a beautiful one, one that you are proud to share with friends and family and one that reflects the twinkle in your eye as you pore through your album with children and grandchildren"

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“As time passes and the finer details of our wedding day begin to fade, Dan's extraordinary artistic expression has the power to revive in all its splendour. He has the ability to portray the sounds and tastes, the textures and the emotions, the very essence of a moment, all in a photograph.”