You can get in touch via my contact form to receive a brochure with full pricing and more information. Our packages are not final and can be changed and modified to suit your needs. I reply to every enquiry, usually the same day, unless it’s a weekend, or I am very busy. So if you’ve not heard back after 48 hours, please check your junk folder in case my reply is lurking in there. On occasion, my emails don’t get through, especially if I replied to your Hotmail. If there’s no email in your junk folder and you haven’t heard from me after 48 hours, contact me directly at


10 Hours coverage
Large 12x18" leather album with protective case
Edited full sized high resolution images.
No copyright protection. No watermarks.
Wedding highlights film
Longer version
Digital delivery + online gallery



10 hours coverage
Medium size leather album with protective case
Freestanding 3D Lumi Tile, 7x5 inch
Edited full sized high resolution images
No copyright protection. No watermarks
Digital delivery + online gallery



8 Hours coverage
Edited full sized high resolution images
No copyright protection, No watermarks
Digital delivery
Online gallery



How long do you stay on the wedding day?

As long as you let us! In other words, from the getting ready stage to the drunk-on-the-dance floor stage.

I've seen a photographer offering all day coverage for $1500 - why do you cost more?

Our rates are based on 20 years of experience, quality of work we produce, preparation, time investment, passion and absolute dedication and hard work we will put into capturing and producing what is the most important and memorable days of your life.
We are internationally recognised, professional and experienced photographer.

My friend takes nice photos, can't I just get them to shoot our wedding?

Well, yes you can, but ask yourself this: Do you want to put pressure on your friend or do you want them to enjoy your wedding with you? We’ve heard so many sad stories of friends or family members missing key moments. Not being able to cope with dark rooms and changing weather. Or worse still, getting too drunk to produce quality photography. Why take the risk with the most important day of your life? Chances are they will not have the relevant experience nor talent. It is best to leave your memories in the capable hands of a professional.

Can we get a second photographer?

Yes, although this is normally not needed if your guest list is under 200.

We're getting married in Antarctica, will you travel?

Yes! I will go wherever you want me to, both in the Australia and Internationally. If you are having a destination wedding or elopement there is a real benefit to choosing a wedding photographer local to you and not your venue, as you will be able to build up a relationship and bond before and after your wedding. Outside of Australia, as a destination wedding photographer we would work out a suitable fee for travel and accommodation with you at the time of your quote. So feel free to get married in Bali, I’m sure we can manage it!

How long will it take to see our wedding photos?

Whilst you’re enjoying yourselves on honeymoon, we’ll be glued to our computers tweaking your images to bring them to their full glory and show them to you on our blog. We always love the idea of them waiting for you on your return from honeymoon. We'll strive to achieve this, but realistically it can take from two to four weeks. But you wouldn’t want us to rush them right?

How does the album design process work?

After you’ve selected which images you’d like in the album we will design the layout in the best way possible to tell the story of the day. We will email you a proof to look over and approve your album for printing.

Are you insured or affiliated to any societies?

We have public liability insurance and our equipment is fully insured! We are also award winning members of WPJA - Wedding Photojournalist Association and WEP - World Elite Photographers. These associations are all invitation only groups of the highest quality photographers in the AU and the world!

What happens if you get ill or get taken by aliens?

Having been in the wedding industry a number of years we’re lucky enough to have a tight knit group of similar photographers, who would be our first port of call in the event of disaster. We then have other emergency cover and back up groups of photographers whom we could call upon. The wedding photography industry is a great place and everyone is willing to help out if disaster strikes. This has never happened though in over fifteen years of shooting weddings.

Do you carry spare equipment and do you backup our wedding images?

Yes, I’m a bit obsessed and have multiple camera bodies and most lenses. Your images are backed up automatically, as I shoot, and then again at home and again, and again…

I'm having a winter wedding, will a later ceremony time cause problems with the photography?

It’s not a problem as such if you book a photographer who knows what they are doing, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend a time later than 2pm if you want to have group shots outside in the light. Make sure you ask any photographer you are considering to show you a full winter wedding they have shot; it is very different to shooting in the summer. We still shoot mostly natural light in winter but some photographers will up their use of flash, something to check if you find it intrusive.

We don't need the standard coverage, will you do less or more?

Of course, we will tailor a package for all our clients, so tell us your plans and we will give you a bespoke quote. We understand you may feel having photos just up to the wedding breakfast is enough (although not half as fun!) but we are also a rare breed of photographer who will stay until the very end of the night. Just get in touch if you would like to know more.

How do you approach a same sex or gay marriage?

Just like any other wedding!

If you shoot documentary style, does this means you won't do group shots and portraits?

Not at all.

Will you eat with us during wedding reception?

After a long day, there is nothing better than a nice warm meal especially after working long hours without any lunch break. However this is never a requirement as I know weddings are expensive and the last thing I want to do is add more cost, so I am very happy to go and get my own food, just let me know!

When do we need to book you? How do we do it?

If you’re thinking about photography, then book now! We generally take bookings 12-18 months in advance and shoot a limited number of weddings a year. In saying that, it’s not out of the question for us to accept a booking with just a few days’ notice, if we are available. We will send you our contract and take a 15% booking fee. The balance is then required for payment 2 weeks before the wedding. Most people tend to book their venue first, followed quite soon by their photographer, as good photographers do get booked up early.

Do you edit our wedding images?

We shoot in RAW format (unfinished out-of-camera files), then we individually process and edit every single image from your wedding. We will "never" outsource (y)our images to a third party to reduce our expenses. This is also something you should be aware of if you plan to book a low-priced photographer.

What if it rains on our wedding day?

We’re professional wedding photographers, so if we’re not prepared for the rain who will be! Embrace the weather and you never know what you’re going to get. We’ll never drag your guests out into the elements but for the two of you it’s worth a little water for some epic images. Rain can make for great photo opportunities!