Hi, I'm Dan

In the image below, you'll find me with my lovely wife, Diana. We're grateful to have two amazing teenagers who are quickly catching up in height. I've dedicated over two decades to the craft of photography, and it's a path that has proven to be profoundly rewarding. In this profession, I have the privilege of capturing people during some of the most joyous moments of their lives. In truth, I consider myself more a historian than a mere photographer, and it's the lasting feedback I receive for years after a wedding that truly underscores this sentiment.

One of the most cherished compliments I ever received on a wedding day was, "Hey, we barely noticed your presence, yet you managed to capture countless moments we weren't even aware were unfolding. Thank you!" It's moments like these that make my work truly fulfilling.

I'm steadfast in my commitment to never be the photographer who simply wields a camera at your wedding. Rather, I want you to perceive me as a friend, deeply invested in your special day. Your story, your unique journey, is of paramount importance to me. While many facets of the day may become distant memories over time, it is my dedication and artistry that will ensure those cherished moments remain vibrant and enduring. Your wedding day is not just an event; it's the beginning of a beautiful story, and I am here to help you preserve it for a lifetime.


Surabhi & Vid

“As time passes and the finer details of our wedding day begin to fade, Dan's extraordinary artistic expression has the power to revive in all its splendour. He has the ability to portray the sounds and tastes, the textures and the emotions, the very essence of a moment, all in a photograph. We were thrilled that he agreed to fly across the Indian Ocean to the small island of Sri Lanka. Across the distance and time, which we have shared on this wonderful journey, Dan has truly become a part of our family.”

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