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The Tale of Two Teens

By Lachlan's mother 

There were two teens at a very young age

About to start the dating stage,

It was at a group dinner she began to scheme

A strategic seating plan was the theme,

In family tradition she pursued her man

And as the night unfolded it was going to plan,

A first date was made... a movie night

October 21st sounded just right,

Well, he became smitten with her blue eyes and happy smile

This girl was his match and the courted a while,

The poor girl survived numerous dinners

Where car talk and father-son banter appear the winners,

Well at least she now knows what a V6, V8 or dissy is

Which is necessary if she is to be his,

But it was also his smile and witty humour,

That's good make him her perfect suitor,

Some might have thought there were too young to last

But all we saw was then growing closer and closer real fast,

So after 8 years these things are now adults

Lachlan and Erin there love you cannot fault,

As we have seen them grow from High school, TAFE, University and work

Show us determination, dedication and conviction they will not shirk,

If after 27 years they keep smiling and laughing like both of us

Then a happy and long marriage will be a must,

So very proud of Lachlan we are

That he has proved his commitment and love on par,

You are both blessed to have each other

And we wish you a very happy ever-after.

Wedding celebrant

Rita from Divine Celebrancy

Floral decorations

Claudia from Rain Floral Design


Daniella Fossey

wedding venue

Audley Dance Hall


Dad's amazing garden


Emma Stewart

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