Ottimo house denham court wedding photographer

Five years ago, Kay and Harrick’s love story began over a long phone call discussing their fondness for cars. Their conversations grew in depth and time which set out space for each of them to heal from past hurts. They soon learned that growing up in opposite parts of NSW proved distance did not dictate how similar two people could be. They grew closer as they sought to reach their dreams together and Harrick decided to take the plunge to ask Kay to marry him on 21st January 2018.

The proposal took place on little Milk Beach, a place they’d both found by accident to unwind from their busy lives. Harrick chose this place to propose to Kay as he knew it was where she could let her soul breathe. 16 months passed & their wedding day became their actuality, full of love and adoration for each other and how far they’d come. They wouldn’t have celebrated their beautiful union in any other way!

Wedding ceremony and reception: Ottimo House Denham Court