Grounds of alexandria wedding photography and video

They could’ve met through mutual friends, even at events that later they realised they both attended. However fate had it planned differently. Like Daniel’s parents, who were first pen pals, they were the modern version, a rare everlasting love story that started through a dating app, many a message, many a conversation, all before a couple of week’s later meeting for the first time. Their connection was clear at that first meeting… Constance often says that she already liked Dan before they met and started to fall for him from their first date. 

Just over a year later, they were engaged after Dan proposed at sunrise on Cronulla beach. A place of sentimentality as they recalled one of their earlier dates where neither of them wanted it to end with Dan even enduring bleeding heels. 

For brides, often there are visions, even expectations long before the day, maybe even from childhood, of what their Wedding Day will be like. As a sappy romantic, for Constance it was not all about each detail. With tears streaming down her cheeks and holding onto her father, she made her way down the aisle and yes, just like in her favourite chick flicks, her beaming smile was met with one in return from her groom as the room faded away and it felt like they were the only two people there. 

Getting married in the eyes of the church was important to them. They’ve been known to blend traditional with unconventional so their ceremony was held amongst the liveliness and buzzing atmosphere of the Paddington Markets, with their ceremony led by Reverend Danielle Hemsworth-Smith at The Paddington Uniting Church. 

In the memory of those who watched them from the heavens, they arrived in Dan’s father’s mustang and Constance’s step dad’s BMW, including small pieces of them in their special day made them feel not so far away. 

Their reception was held in the Grounds of Alexandria which transported them to the enchanting lantern filled laneways of Marrakesh. The location was a dream for Dan who always hoped to get married there…and for Constance a playground to entertain her fairy tale happily ever after. 

Their first dance was performed to Best of Me, sung live by Kay our multi talented DJ, MC and live musician. It was a moment that they shared lost in each other’s gazes as they glided on the dance floor to their choreography of dips, many spins and a lift as their guests shed tears and cheered. If tears were not streaming yet, they did during the Father and Daughter dance where Tony, while dancing with his little girl, knew that she would now have another man in her life to take care of her. 

Their Wedding Day was nothing short of magical! From the string quartet playing during the ceremony to the sentimental moments and many laughs of the speeches and dances – they enjoyed every moment which passed by so quickly and the day that took nine months of planning was over in what felt like the blink of an eye. Their perfect wedding ended as they were waved goodbye to an aisle of sparklers seeming more like stars shining the way to their next exciting chapter. They left in Dan’s dream car to start the beginning of forever as Constance and Daniel Moxon! 

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