After half a lifetime of sharing some of the same friends, being at some of the same social events, and even meeting (without either of us remembering it!), we came into each other's lives quietly and unexpectedly five years ago. Ian's best friend, who had known Esty for 20 years, invited Esty to a game of Dungeons and Dragons that Ian was involved in. We just started playing together, then talking as friends, and then something deeper grew into love so that we feel blessed by being together every day. We are so grateful for our second chance at love.

Esty and Ian

view of harbour bridge and opera house from Meriton apartments in North Sydney
bride touching her dress with sydney city background
photo of wedding ring on textile background
groom tossing wedding rings in the air
blurred image of bride walking with Sidney in the background
cool image of groom and groomsmen holding umbrellas
bride and bridesmaids walking across the bridge and smiling
bride and groom photo next to Bentley car