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Robyn and Noah's love story began in the digital realm, where they crossed paths online. Almost immediately, they felt a deep connection, an unmistakable sense that they were meant to be together. They refused to let the chaos of the Covid pandemic deter them from their dream of uniting in marriage.

Two years into their journey, they took the bold step of tying the knot. Their wedding day, a day they had eagerly anticipated, unfolded under the most enchanting weather. The Bridge Church in Kirribilli, nestled beside the iconic Harbour Bridge, served as the perfect backdrop for the exchange of vows. Following this, their celebration continued at the Zest Waterfront Venue's Boathouse at The Spit in Mosman, which transformed the day into an indelible memory.

The sun, descending over Pearl Bay, bathed the entire affair in a warm, golden glow. This serendipitous natural lighting provided the most picturesque setting for photographs, capturing the essence of a truly magical day. The sunsets over the bay beautifully encapsulated the love and happiness that Robyn and Noah shared, creating lasting memories they would cherish forever.

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Zest at The Spit

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